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In order to help you navigate the ocean of information out there, we leave here a selection of articles, videos and books we can recommend on related subjects. On edibles identification, it is crucial to outline that plants and mushrooms present a natural variation in their appearance. Plants can cross-pollinate and hybridise, and poisonous lookalikes are seldom covered thoroughly in the media. These are the knowledge field of an expert.

Regardless of how thoroughly you intend to study, never eat a plant or mushroom without checking with a local expert. Secondly, in the beginning, only try a small amount of it even after you have the right plant and the expert agrees it is edible. Some people react to certain edibles, meaning some might respond to plants or mushrooms with a digestive or an allergic reaction, even if most people don’t. You don't know if you'll react to a particular plant. And that is the best place to start - with caution.   




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