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Discover the forest

Experience the magic and wonder of foraging in the boreal forest. 


Boreal Forest is a company 100% dedicated to educating people about life in the forest. We aim to further develop people's relationship with the environment in a framework of deep respect for natural resources and nature's ability to renew itself. We take people on organised forest trips and cooking experiences. All our courses take place outdoors in parks, nature reserves, shorelines, lakes and natural forests.

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Taking field trips and studying with someone willing to eat the plant in front of you will create confidence and reflect on your learning curve. It will be easier to incorporate the use of what you forage and, most importantly, establish a sustainable relationship with nature. 

Get to know the abundance of resources around you. It will directly impact your ability to understand, appreciate and care for the environment.

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Discover Our COURSES

There is no better place to learn than in the forest. Choose from tours, courses or cooking workshops. All courses combine theory and practice. Whether you want to learn a bit and enjoy your time outdoors, learn a lot and become autonomous when you forage or take a step up and become an expert. Here you can choose the length of your journey. 

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Learn what you can forage during a particular season (spring, summer, autumn or winter) or from a specific area, by the shore, in a forest or up the mountains. Choose between courses that take place over several weeks or months.

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Short day-courses

In short courses, the focus is stronger on the experience than the amount you learn. We gather what’s available in an area and prepare a nice meal together. Ideal for those who wish to learn a few easily recognisable edibles without spending much time with theory or books.

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Sometimes it’s essential to go through theory and more detailed instruction. We offer lectures on gastronomy, nutritional, medicinal and traditional use of edible plants, seaweed and mushrooms in Norway, based on cultural heritage and recent studies in the field. They all occur outdoors, by fire and with some small bite to eat.


Learning foraging from books and websites is not impossible, but it is more complicated and undoubtedly dangerous. There is much you can do on your own, but you will need the assistance of an expert at some point.

In order to help you navigate the ocean of information out there, we leave here a selection of articles, videos and books we recommend on related subjects.

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